On the basis of the analysis of existing assets, comparative advantage and regional potential, regions should take into account key strengths and advantages of their technological and economic specialisation. Specialisation by definition has two contrasting aspects: one positive, indicating the areas where a country, a sector and/or a firm exhibits a stronger position than other countries, sectors and/or firms, and one negative, indicating, respectively, the areas of relative weakness. Consequently, technology or scientific specialisation in its positive sense inherently implies a concentration of capabilities on some areas of knowledge. Inversely, in its negative sense, it implies weak capabilities in other areas when compared to a point of reference. The very concept of specialisation, however, means that it is not conceivable that a country achieves specialisation positions across the whole broad spectrum of technologies, sciences and sectors.

In the literature, the measurement of specialisation originates in trade theory. Since then, a variety of specialisation indices have also been developed to capture the scientific and technological specialisation of a country or region, namely, the measurement of publications and data regarding patenting. The method for analysing regional specialisation produces technological and economic specialisation indexes for understanding the position of the regional technological and economic activities into global value chains, and uses an interactive dashboard for visualisation.

The logical steps of the application, based on its methodological description are:

  • Step 1. Visit the Specialisation Indexes Application.
  • Step 2. Choose the region of interest in the first drop down menu to extract the technological specialisation index.
  • Step 3. Upload your scientific profile data, acquired in the Scientific Profile Application to extract the areas with high regional scientific activity.
  • Step 4. Fill in the provided table or upload your CSV with the export data of your region to extract the economic specialisation index.
  • Step 5. Report synthesis and regional specialisation indexes overview.
Figure 1 Overview of the information flows within the Regional Specialisation Indexes application.

Figure 1 Overview of the information flows within the Regional Specialisation Indexes application.